Toy Lover's Loyalty Club

As a small, locally owned business, we depend on our customers' regular support!  To say thank you to our most valuable customers we've created the Toy Lover's Club.  When you sign up to be part of this special group of customers we fill out a card with your information on it.  This card is kept at either of our stores and each time you make a purchase we write the total amount you spent on regular-priced toys or books.  After 6 purchases, we total up all of the amounts you've spent and give you 10% of that amount to spend the next time you're in the store.  If we could we would drop balloons every time someone's earned their credit because it's that exciting to us, but we're afraid that would be a little challenging to make happen.  So there may not be balloons when we tell you about your credit, but know when it happens that we are that excited to have you be such an important part of our business!

Stop by the store today to sign up!